The Rest Area and Soul Soup

I left Casper after lunch to reach the Rest Area 50 miles away.  Between Casper and Shoshoni, about a 100 mile stretch, there is not much of anything.  I have enough Spaghettios and peanut butter to last me a few days without stopping, but only enough water for two days.  I pedalled, and when I got tired of pedalling I still had 20 miles to go.  My snack between meals is either a tortilla and honey or a fig bar.  This day, I went through several fig bars.  I am considering wrapping the tortilla around the fig bar and covering with honey.  

I have stopped using my odometer and try to rely on time and pace to judge distance.  I estimated that I had 2 miles left when I saw a sign that said 3 miles to the rest area.  Just passed it was a rundown bar/store/hotel.  I pulled in at the sign of people and newly hung flags.  The ladies were redoing the store, trying to beat flood of people coming for the eclipse.  She said NASA had already made a reservation to stay with them.  To that I told them they should chalk out squares and charge $50/night.  They were in the 100% eclipse zone and would make enough to redo most of their place.  

They showed me around and offered to let me stay in one of the cabins.  The cabins were built in the late 1800’s.  They had no modern amenities and barely had a roof.  I declined, hoping for running water and electricity at the rest stop.  The owner then offered me some homemade vegetable soup.  She said I looked terrible and needed some soul food, so she brought me a cup of the soup and a pear.  That is where I found the old Honda. 

2 thoughts on “The Rest Area and Soul Soup

  1. Patrick “Foxy” M

    That’s a pretty bike! Drum brakes in front oldschool. I’ve arrived in DE and really wish I could tag along because it’s just… it’s just not so pleasant here.. those cabins are pretty cool. Hope you have a wonderful time with the eclipse next week.



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