Ocean Lake

One of my goals was to do a century on this trip.  The soul soup the day before must have lifted my spirits because I was thinking about attempting it.  I got up early and rode the 50 miles to Shoshoni by lunch time.  I grabbed lunch at a diner and then plotted.  I decided not to do the extra 50 and settled for 23 more to Ocean Lake in the Wind River Reservation.  Highway 26 would take me South to Riverton from Shoshoni and then back North.  County Road 134 cut straight across saving me maybe 40 miles.

After crossing the Boysen Reservoir, entering into Wind River country, and onto Road 134 everything turned green.  I was no longer in the desert, but a rich river valley.  The first thing I noticed was the floral aroma coming off of the vast fields of alfalfa.  The fields were maintained using irrigation canals that ran throughout, fed by the wind river reservoirs.

Not five miles from the lake and another storm hit.  I was watching the lightning from a distance for several miles, hoping I would turn North of it.  At the point of no return I pulled the bike off the road into some ladies yard and asked if I could hide out in her barn.  She was hesitant at first, but agreed.  Once the storm cleared, I thanked her and she told me there was a bar just a mile up the road I could stop at.  I had dinner there and then went to the lake to set up before the next storm hit.  It rained and blew for a couple of hours.  With a little daylight left I explored some and tested the water temperature.  There are not many mosquitos in the desert and this place made up for it.  They were gathered around my tent, just waiting for me to poke a finger out.   

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