Gear List

Below is a generic list of things that I am currently planning to take.  I will update this list as I go along.  My plan is to give a complete list of everything I am taking, along with the weight and cost.  I will also try to review everything that comes with me.

Bike Gear Clothing Camp
Bike Bibs Tent
Racks Shirts Pad
Panniers/Bags Vest Sleeping Bag
Aerobars Rain Jacket Solar Panel
Seat Rain Pants Battery
Helmet Socks Phone
Multi-tool Arm Warmers Charger
Pump Leg Warmers Journal
Spare Tubes Underwear First Aid
Levers Long Pants Stove
Patch Kit Shorts Cannister
Spoke Tool Gloves Pot
Spokes Buff Spoon
Bottles Sandals Lighter
Lights Towel Seasoning
Shoes Oil
Can Opener
Beard Trimmer