Casper Burritos

It was a long day.  The wind was strong, again, and my pace suffered for it.  It was also much warmer than the past couple of weeks.  Halfway to Casper was Glenrock.  Glenrock was named after the rock in the glen, which is a large rock formation just outside of town.  I stopped there for lunch at a sign that said brick oven pizza.  Instead, I ordered a burrito.  Waiting for my burrito to come out I saw one of their pizzas and it really was a brick oven pizza and cooked properly, unlike other restaurants with that name… My waiter was a vegan and had the cook make me something special after my first burrito was covered in pork gravy.  

I don’t know how long I have been on the Oregon Trail, but I keep wondering if I am making better time than the settlers.  Hopefully they did not go through Nebraska otherwise they may have gotten lost and partially crazy.     

Once I finally got into Casper the road had a bike lane that turned into a bike trail that ran all through Casper.  My sleeping bag has not been as warm as it is supposed to be, so I hit all of the outdoor stores to get a new one.  All of there bags weighed nearly 5 lbs and packed down to the size of a microwave.  I had called ahead to the local bike shops to get some work done on the bike.  I stopped by both to look around to see if I needed anything, like new shoes.  My shoes had blown out a couple days before.

New shoes would be great, but what I really needed was lower gears to climb the mountains.  The gears I had were good, but I was still struggling up the steeper grade.  The second shop had what I needed.  They installed the new cassette, gave it a tune up and lubed everything.  They then told me about the Qdoba down the street.  That would be my second burrito for the day.  Afterwards, I stopped and got some glue to fix my shoes and then on to the campground.  I was going to camp in the dog park, but decided to pay and camp at a campground with bathrooms, showers, and laundry.  

2 thoughts on “Casper Burritos

  1. Patrick “Foxy” M

    That is a nice set of gears, glad you’re able to tackle steep hills with more ease. I switched from a 14t to a 16 front sprocket on my moped and even with the new top end on the engine I’m sure I’d have much better take off with the old one. With bike gearing I suppose you don’t have to choose between top end or power In as dramatic a fashion as with a moped. It’s nice you have more freedom in that regards (as opposed to a fixed chain). Glad you’re making progress.



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