Long Pine

The mission of the day was to find a pillow, alcohol wipes, and some food to carry.  I don’t want to run into a town and not have food again.  Ask yourself, if you could only have one food for the rest of your life, or better yet, for a month, what would it be?  So far, I have eaten a lot of french fries and am getting tired of them.  Bring me more burritos!

Not much exciting happened on the ride.  I woke up, I packed, I ate, and then I pedalled until I stopped to eat again.  The countryside has changed some.  Monday I wished to stopped seeing corn, and my wish came true.  The land is still flat, with the occasional hill, but the acres of corn were then hay.  Signs everywhere called it hay country.  So much for showering in the corn fields.  

I stopped just before noon in Bassett.  Bassett was an historical town with the old bank, saloon, and hotel downtown.   In the hotel was the town’s diner.  I got a few death stares when I walked in, and a few more when I walked out.  Between then, I had some grease with a salad, wrapped in a tortilla.  Yea… it was kind of a burrito.

I like walking around all of the squares and seeing the old architecture and what each town has done with the buildings.  Most are antique stores.  In one,  I spotted my pillow!  I was across the street at the gas station when I saw it.  The store was only open on Saturday.  Around the corner was a small grocery store.  I got a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a jar of peach jam.  Oh, and some alcohol wipes and mosquito spray.

When I find one, I spend time in the local library.  The libraries are open to the public, and have computers and A/C.  I use that time to update the blog, check email, and charge devices.  This time, I used the library to get out of the rain.  A small storm came in, lasting about an hour.  

From Bassett, it was 10 miles to Long Pine and 18 to Ainsworth.  Ainsworth would put me at 50 miles for the day.  When I got to Long Pine I decided to call it a night.  Long Pine had a recration area with primitive camping.  I started to set up camp at the top of a hill under a pavilion like I usually do, when a truck drove by with innertubes strapped to the roof.  I followed him down and found a fast running creek.  So I set up right there next to it.  I waded around some and used it as an ice bath for my legs.  It was cold enough.

No service, so I finished the rest of my audiobook and ate my PB&J.  I need a new book, so recommendations are welcomed.  A little after 10 and right when I decided to call it a night, I saw lights coming down the creek.  There were almost a dozen on innertubes and with headlamps floating down.  Too cold and too late for me.

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