Round 2, The Trans-am!!

Last year I went on a once in a lifetime trip, cycling across the country. I made it from Russellville, AR to Seattle, WA in 60 days, covering 2800 miles. It was brought to my attention that I did not technically cycle across the country, only part of the country. So this year I am going on my second, once in a lifetime trip and cycling all the way across the country.

I am starting the trip in Santa Monica, CA and ending at a lighthouse on the far Eastern point of Maine. The trip is about 3500 miles and should take anywhere from two to three months, depending on how long it takes for me to get my legs back.

In preparing for this trip I have ridden a total of 14.6 miles. The first couple weeks may be slow and grueling and there is a mountain range and desert I have to cross. I have lightened my load and made some upgrades on the bike, which should help with my lack of fitness. I am carrying around 16 pounds of gear, excluding only the bike.

I switched out my clipless pedals and shoes for flat pedals and sandals. I upgraded my rear cassette from an 11-40t to an 11-46t (lower, easier gears for climbing). My dead GoPro Hero was replaced with a GoPro Session 5.

The cold was my biggest problem last year so this year my sleep system was my main priority. My inadequate sleeping bag was traded for a 30 degree down from Western Mountaineering and my uninsulated sleeping pad traded for an Exped insulated pad. The rest of what I will be carrying is basically the same.

The route I currently plan to take follows Route 66, hitting CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, MO. At St. Louis I will head towards Indianapolis and go through IN, OH, and MI. I plan to cross into Canada through Detroit and follow the border back to Maine.

3 thoughts on “Round 2, The Trans-am!!

  1. Edgar

    Jesse, my name is Edgar and your Dad is my supervisor at Tyson. When you enter Missouri, I will be your contact. Call me at 816-258-1883. I live in Raymore, off I-49 (formerly 71 HWY) south of KC. We are traveling to the Scout Reservation in Osceola on June 5th through the 14th. Reception is poor but sometimes work. After that, I am at home. I will keep up with your blog to see progress. God Speed!



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