We got up early, planning to do 75.  We had to get over the pass before the wind picked up.  I took advantage of the shower and Quenton took advantage of the microwave for breakfast.  Packing is always easier when I don’t have to take down the tent.  All I needed for the night was my sleeping bag.  

The pass was not a high one and the day looked to be an easy ride.  I caught up to Quenton about halfway up the pass.  He had stopped to eat some ramen.  I continued on and did not see him again until we stopped for the night.  The climb took us up and around Earthquake Lake.  There was a geologic visitor center there, but I felt like riding.  Coming out of the pass I went by a herd of mountain goats hanging out on the side of the road.  They didn’t budge when cars went by but they scared when I approached.  

From the top, it would be all downhill to Ennis.  Thirty miles of a long, slow downhill.  The road followed the Madison River and it was filled with trout fishermen.  They were all in these funny boats with a bow on both ends and a guide with oars.  Every now and then I would see a transport truck drive by and return with a boat and load of fishermen.

About 10 miles from Ennis I ran into a rain storm.  I stopped just before getting wet and set up against a fence post for lunch.  The storm was moving Northwest just like me, so I sat and waited for it to move up the road.  Before then I was running 18-20 mph.  This was the first time I had to purposefully slow my pace.  I kept pace around 10 mph to not get too close to the storm.   When it finally moved North of the road I passed it by and road into Ennis.  I explored the town, went into a couple outfitter stores, and then settled on an old fashioned soda fountain to rest at before heading on.  

Quinton arrived into town and called to find out where I was.  He was at the library and the librarian told him that Willie’s Distillery allowed cyclists to camp in their yard.  I went to their tasting room to sign up and did a tasting while I was there.  Afterwards I went back to the library to type and download a movie.  

Mulberry Liquor, blackberry liquor, cherry brandy, 80 proof bourbon, 100 proof bourbon

We set up camp and lounged the rest of the evening before going to bed.  If you like the smell of baking bread, you would like the distillery.  I got a whiff of the fermenting yeast with every breath.  It was a warm night because of the storm front coming in and I got a good night of sleep.  I hardly noticed the rain when it started.

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