Only nine miles to the border and no more Nebraska!  There were more and more rock formations after crossing the border and I saw my first pronghorn of the trip.  I also started seeing more cacti, but no prickly pears.  I climbed up to one of the rock formations to see it covered in swallow nests.  

I stopped for lunch in Lusk and watched as all of the bikers from Sturgis came and went.  Many of them stopped to talk to me.  One of the locals came and sat at my table.  I was not sure if he was the local bum or the local preacher.  He had a lot to say and sat with me until I left.  From there I went to the grocery store and restored my food supply and then road on.  My goal was to get to Lost Springs, WY for the night.  

Ten miles from Lost Springs another storm hit.  This time the wind was blowing so hard I had to get off of the road.  Those same electric buildings that lined the Cowboy Trail were alongside the existing railroad here.  Unfortunately, it was still working and locked.  So, I hid behind it.  Eventually a rancher pulled up and asked me what I was doing and when I told him he and I both were hiding behind the box peeking out looking at the storm.  The storm was heading South so I decided to chance it.  Not 2 miles down the road was another box and hiding behind it were two motorcyclists.  Stacy and Jodi were coming from Sturgis and took a wrong turn back in Lusk.  They were from Chicago and lived in a tiny house so we had plenty in common.  We talked for nearly half an hour and by the time I left them the storm was gone and the sun setting.  

Lost Springs, WY has a population of four.  One of the four directed me to their park.  They had hot water, a pavilion, and the nicest grass I have ever seen.  It was so nice that they had a sign up saying no camping on the grass.  It was a good thing that I grabbed food from the store, but I am not buying anymore French baguettes.  It was too hard to eat.

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