Still in Nebraska (Cody, NE)

Yesterday I crossed over into Mountain Time, which makes me feel like I have made some progress.  Riding from Valentine to Cody was fairly slow.  I still had a moderate wind coming out of the Southeast.

Seven miles from Cody I spotted a sign for a winery just south of Nenzel.  I followed the signs and they wined me around into the back country for a couple of miles until I saw the vines.  I arrived there an hour before opening and there was a sign on the door that said, “In vineyard, call for tasting”.  I sat there, out of the wind, and worked on the latest blog post.  At 2:00, I gave the number a call and he said he would be right up.  About that time a couple of ladies pulled up as well.

We three sat down together while the Reed, the viticulturist, helped us to the tasting.  Just like the beers the day before, I tried everything they had.  I preffered the sweet whites, but would still rather have Gatorade or tea.  The ladies ordered several cases and said they stopped at all the wineries and beer rooms.  After they left, I stuck around a bit and talked with Reed.   I told him I planned to stay in Cody and he said that is where he is from.  He said there was a park with showers and that there would be a cookout there that night.  

After sitting for so long, the ride to Cody was an easy one.  I stopped at the Husker Hub for dinner because 3 people had told me about it by now.  Not much on the menu for me, so I had fried cauliflower and mushrooms again.  I have to stop eating that. 

At the park were some kids playing tag.  They all came up and said hi, without any reservations.  This was much different than the kids I watched in Columbus.  I set up the hammock on one side of the park and decided to take a nap.  After a while people starting showing up from everywhere.  I was wrapped up to keep the wind out and one curious little girl came up and poked me.  When I popped my head out she ran a ways and then called for her dad.  Later, the group hosting the cookout came over and invited me to join them.  I did and found Reed there.  Reed and I sat down and soon I got to meet the Superintendent who was also that little girl’s dad, the sheriff, the pastor, and a few others from the town.  

We stayed there till after dark watching the 30+ kids run around playing a game of capture the flag.  Reed and I were the last to leave and he invited me to stay on his couch.  On the way out of the park he spotted an article of clothing that he assumed was left by one of the kids.  It turned out to be the riding shorts I changed out of earlier.  They must have fallen off of my bike when I rode in.  Reed really made my day.

Earlier that day I sat at the crossroads at Nenzel debating whether I should check out the winery or ride on to Cody.  I sure am glad I took that road.  

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