I Walked

The day started early, left out at 7.  Made it 20 miles down the road with ease. Once into Fort Smith I ran into my first idiot driver. He decided, on a 4 lane, that he was was not going to give me space. I thought afterwards that I should have fallen into his car. That would teach him, but I doubt I could bring myself to do it. At the next light I caught up to him and planned to educate him on being a decent human. He had a blue license plate, so i backed out. I excused him because he was disabled, but is that an excuse? I can’t remember how many times I’ve had this same thought. So, next time I will tap on the window.

After that encounter i went to the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. I spent most of the day there, checking out the campus and using their computers. 

I changed my route a bit. Instead of going west then north I am going straight north up the border of Arkansas. I wanted to visit Natural Bridge and take a dip in yhe creek there. 

Dead and only half way

The ride North out of Fort Smith was rough. I got another 20 miles in after noon, but they were slow. I did find a nice water park with geysers to ride through. I may have scared some kids in the process.

That first peak

My legs were not ready for all of the climbing and I ended up walking the steeper hills. I was hoping to last longer than day two before walking. My hope is that these hills will give me strength, even if I have to walk a few.

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