Day #1

Started not so early this morning.  Jason and Bryon joined me for the first 30 miles. It was very nice having someone to talk to and draft off.   It was overcast and cool most of the way, which made for a pleasant ride. I learned real quick that hills are not as easy when fully loaded. Weighed the bike this morning and it was 30 lbs. That plus the 20 lbs of gear, bags, water, and food and i would guess the whole rig weighs 60-65 lbs.  

Thanks for the send off!

We rode non-stop the first 30 before reaching Paris. There we stopped at the Grapevine Restaurant for lunch. Bryon and Jason made the comment that they would ride that route again just for lunch.  

I guess my blistering 12 mph pace was not enough to wear the guys out so they took off up Mt. Magazine, while I continued west. My pace died quickly with a full stomach and the Sun popping out.  I stopped for rest about 10 miles down the road. Schools, parks, and cemeteries are my go to for places to rest. This cemetery had a pavilion and electricty. I took a good hour nap before moving on.

The last 10 miles were slow, very slow.  I spotted the clock tower in the city square from 2 miles off which lifted my spirit some. I had planned to stay at the High School in Charleston, like I had in the past. The city park came first and I needed a break.  I have been here ever since. Took a shower in the bathroom sink and ate dinner under the pavilion. Now, I’m back in the hammock waiting for nightfall.

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