Wisdom Nero

I didn’t sleep much the night before.  It was so cold I thought about going in the Bunkhouse and claiming one of the empty beds.  When it was warm enough to go out I walked over to the only restaurant in town and had breakfast.  I was probably a sight walking up in my wool long underwear, but I didn’t care.  

After breakfast I packed up and went nowhere.  I was drained from the 75 the day before and no sleep.  I went into the Bunkhouse and still couldn’t find anyone so I took a shower and used the laundry and wifi.  When all was done, I went back to where I camped and layed out my minion blanket and took a nap.  

Eventually I was woken up by talking around the Bunkhouse and it was two motorcyclists from Arkansas talking with Rick, the owner.  I got around and it wasn’t even noon yet.  Talking to Rick, the next town was Wisdom and it would be mostly downhill.  Only 18 miles away and they had another free camp for cylists.  

Days when all I have to do is point the bike are good days.  The 18 miles went by quick and I was in Wisdom for a late lunch.  I explored the little town and then stopped at the only open restaurant.  It was a bit pricey and I can’t remember what I ate.  Oh, a cucumber sandwich.  I can’t believe I payed for someone to put cucumbers on bread. There were other things and it came with fries, the frozen kind.  

Everyone I talked to told me I should go to the Legion campground just West of town.  I checked out the RV park just because and they were charging $15.  The Legion campground was free, had bathrooms, water, and WIFI!  The RV park did not have WIFI, but it had a shower.  Since I had already showered, that was not a concern.  

I spent the afternoon and evening cleaning the shack and watching movies.  Everything was going good until it started getting colder.  I shut all the shutters I could and found the least drafty place in the shack to sleep.  It was going to be a long night.  

Again, I had everything warm on.  I decided that I have been losing heat through my sleeping pad so I put the emergency blanket under the pad and I think it helped.  However, it did a better job on top.  It was a night for experimenting.  Besides the cold, the critters were keeping me up.  I kept hearing coyotes laughing at me and footsteps on the gravel outside the door.  I may have been paranoid, but there was something out there and I was not in the best position to protect myself.  I was so wrapped up that it took great effort to get my hands free to grab the flashlight each time something came to pester me.  

In the morning, I got up and found that something had eaten all of my Poptarts…not paranoid!  

3 thoughts on “Wisdom Nero

  1. Patrick “Foxy” M

    I ordered a used feathered friends sleeping bag offline. It was pricey but nice and warm (though I’ve never used it in below 30f or so), size constraints may be an issue on a trip that extreme, however. I hope you stay warm especially in the evenings.



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