Party at Fremont

That morning I was prepared for the continental breakfast.  The day before, I went down to the grocery store and got some almond milk.  I had two bowls of cereal the night before and now a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  I also snatched a bagel, peanut butter, and some jelly for lunch.

The ride to Fremont was more of the same corn fields and rolling hills.  I took a short cut out of Papillion which took me on a gravel road.  This road was packed gravel and I was able to maintain the speed.  Once on the highway I hit a headwind out of the West.  This usually means cooler weather, but hard riding.

As soon as I got into Fremont I was stopped by a man in the middle of the road.  The whole downtown was closed for a sidewalk sale.  This man, a cyclist, asked me about all I was doing and made some recommendations while I was in town. He recommended I try the Asian place around the corner, which I did, and the check out the bike shop a block up, which I did.

Bill, the owner of the bike shop, was extremely friendly.  He checked out my bike and made some recommendations for how to move more weight over the front wheel.  I got some lube and a rechargeable, 100 lumen tail light from him.  I stayed there talking with him and another guy for a good two hours.  Bill makes the second pilot I have met on the road.  He even volunteered to help me take the sailboat down the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal.  

After leaving the shop I road through the university before stopping at the library.  Everyone in this town knew or were cyclists.  I didn’t get the usual stares as I entered a building with my spandex.  When the library closed, it was time for dinner.  I know I ate something, but can not remember what.  Everyone I met suggested I go to the Fremont Lakes.  The lakes were a bunch of sand pits that were filled in used for recreation.

I stopped at a bar/restaurant and they were sponsoring a volleyball tournament.  The ownere was sitting outside so I talked to her for a little bit before riding around the rest of the park.  There had to be several hundred campers there and it was packed with people.  It was like the Chuck Wagon races in Clinton, but with boats.  There was a central island that the boats made laps around.  One boat was filled with college age coeds that had music blaring and dancing on the deck.

After setting up my campsite I went back to the bar for a drink (tea) and to see what kind of entertainment they had.  The entertainment was me talking with the owner.  I was surprised how slow they were.  I quickly got tired and went back to camp for the night.

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