Tractor Drafting

Seventy Miles!! The goal was to reach Coffeeville, KS for the night.  Goal accomplished with a detour.  After Aunt Tudy made me eggless, banana pancakes for breakfast and the road, I packed up and set out.  On Hwy 20 North I spotted my first cyclist.  I of course had to catch them.  That, was the detour that led to me riding 70 miles.  

Enter Tammy and Doyle (not pictured).  Once I caught up to Tammy she insisted that I visit their local bike shop and I’m glad I did.  Janice, the owner of Bike-About, had a collection of overseas tours under her belt.  After talking for a bit we went outside for this photo and found my front tire had a flat.  I must have picked up a piece of glass somewhere that day.  She fixed me up with a spare tire and kickstand.  The kickstand will need some work.  I tend to kick it when pedaling backwards.   Thanks guys.

I did not leave Chanute till after 11 and by then I was already getting hungry.  About 10 miles down the road was Will Rogers’ birthplace, the Iron Dog Ranch.  This place had A/C, cold water, bathrooms and a great view.  Perfect stop for lunch. 

Tractor Dafting

 I stayed on some of the county roads to avoid the 18-wheeler trafffic.  Instead I found tractor traffic.  This kid and his grandpa were super cool.  They slowed down to let me pass, but when I told them to keep going, they pushed the tractor up to speed and I got a nice draft for several miles.

Fried mushrooms and fries

At the next town, I stopped at the local library to rest and do some writing.  The ladies there suggested I stop by The Depot for dinner.  Above are french fries and fried mushrooms!  The mushrooms were too much for one setting so they were also my second dinner.  

With 20 miles to go on my 70 mile day I was feeling defeated.  It was hot, I ate too much, and I no longer had the wind at my back.  I was going to call it a day when my mom text me about some bike camping place in Coffeeville, KS.  I pictured a little cafe with A/C, showers, and eye-bolts inside to hang the hammocks.  I also invisioned meeting other touring cyclists, maybe even young female cyclists.

It was a disappointment, but a good place to stay.  All of the restrooms near the campsites were closed so i had to search the park for a bathroom.  I found a shower that sprayed scaulding hot water and the bathroom looked like it hadn’t been maintained over the years.  I jumped in and out quick because there were some sketchier looking people than myself hanging around outside.

Stock barn camping

Rather than spending the $8 for a piece of grass out in the open I chose the stock barn.  I have electricity running into the hammock and it was nice and cool under the shade.  Nobody bothered me all night, not event the insects.  

6 thoughts on “Tractor Drafting

  1. Marcia S.

    You’re heading into our old stomping ground. Tractors, lots of sky and flat land, and even some Amish buggies. I’m enjoying reading your posts, Jesse. Is it Chanute tomorrow?


    1. Tammy Beadles

      Love the tractor drafting Jesse. Great job on getting in your 70 and reaching goal! Come back to Claremore anytime and we’ll find some hills to climb!


  2. Tammy

    Love reading about your adventures, Jesse. Tractor drafting is so true in Ok and the closer you get to Kansas the combines get really aggressive. The fries and mushrooms would have been Montazuma’s Revenge for my stomach though. I do better during the day with oatmeal, fruit, salted almonds, peanut butter and jelly, protein bars, salads, Quinoa, and Gatorade. I like to carb up at night. If you get leg cramps take tums, Rolaids or pickle juice. If you’re battling the heat, ice in the jersey pockets and a handkerchief wrapped in ice around the neck. Stop for ice cream when possible😆 and/or get under a shade tree. Eat something every ten miles. Hydrate even in the wind. My famous last words…I never met a hill I couldn’t walk….Your Cycling Mom.


  3. nabayl

    Haha, Female Cyclists is the best part of this update. I don’t know if your writing style has changed or if I am loving reading your updates more, either way, I’ll keep reading, so keep posting.



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