Not a big surprise, but I am postponing my trip until after the holiday.  This gives me more time to get everything together (lay around in the A/C).  Since my last update, I have ridden a total of 0 miles.  I have, however, gotten a lot done.

First, I have insurance! Or rather I am ready to select an insurance plan after much looking around.  Many people in the touring and adventure communities suggested different travel insurance companies such as InsureandGo and World Nomads.  I found it interesting that there are a ton more insurance companies willing to work with cyclists in Europe than here.  These types of insurance plans are more for vacations.  I was looking for health insurance.  Since leaving my job, my health insurance was discontinued.  I could have stayed on for a whopping $500/month.  So, I am jumping back on ObamaCare.

No more cushy chair and A/C

Friday was my last day at work.  My coworkers even attempted a vegan going away party.  They did pretty good too.  I know a lot of thought and effort went into making it special, and I am thankful.  Friday was also my last day in the mini-storage.  I have way too much stuff! Instead of trying to figure out where on the boat to put everything, I chose the easy way out and moved most everything to my parents storage building.  Cheating, I know.  One day I hope to have everything I use on the boat and everything I don’t use to be rid of.  

Must turn these 5 into 2!

For the trip I am sorting my route, finding people to ride and stay with, organizing my stuff, making plans, and checking my finances.  Let’s start with the bad news.  My immediate finances are not great without selling more bikes and boats.  Down to 3 each.  My plan all along was to spend $5/day on food and zero on lodging.  This should get me to the East coast and most of the way back.  A more realistic budget would be $10/day.  At $10/day I should be able to make it to the East coast and then…well yea.  So, $5/day is the goal.  It is doable, it has to be. 

The route was fairly simple to plan.  I asked Google the best way and it mapped it for me.  Google has cooperated with different biking non-profits to make cycling routes available.  From there, I just made a few tweaks until I got something I liked.  This route is not set in stone.  I am open to suggestions and will go out of my way for a free shower and food.  

I have had many people say they would love to go with me, but can not.  Last week I had a couple say they are game!  So, I will be leaving town with some support.  Thank you Bryon!  And, also some on the way.  Again, If you or someone you know wants to jump on, you are welcome.  I will do my best to keep my map updated during the trip.  

Ok, for the fun stuff.  Tonight I weighed most of my gear, excluding the bike and bags.  Right now I am weighing in at 337.6 oz or 21.1 lbs.  The goal was 15 lbs of gear.  I will spend the next couple of days trying to get that weight down.  I currently have a rear and front rack.  Neither were factored into the weight.  I may be ditching one along the way.  I already decided to ditch the galley.  I like cold food better anyway.  

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