Trip Update

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  I am still trying to leave on July 3rd, but am considering staying an extra week to take care of some tasks before leaving.  This will most likely be a last-minute decision.  What have I been doing to get ready for a 2500 mile trip?  Most of my day is spent at work, but the hours between work and dark are my time to check things off the list.

First, I sold the Roubaix.  This takes my bike count down to two.  Although, I think I might have a couple more hidden away somewhere.  I bought the Roubaix new in 2010 and we did centuries, triathlons, crits, and tours together.  It was not an easy decision, but I am happy that John, the new owner, found me and hope the Roubaix takes as good of care of him as it did me.

Most of my free time has been spent working on the boat.  I got the AC installed a couple of weeks ago, just in time to close the boat up for the summer.  I have also been working on installing a fridge.  You can see in the photo that I just about have the cabinet ready for the fridge to drop in.  You can also see the drawer that I added.  I have had a storage unit for the last year to house all of my sailing gear and bikes and am trying to get everything moved out, consolidated, and stored on the boat.  If you could see the cabin now, you would wonder how it is possible to live in such disarray.

The third photo is of the top tube saddle bags I made for my tour to Tulsa.  I could not find a bag I liked on the web so I made my own.  For this trip I am looking for something a little sturdier and water proof.  I still can not find one I like, so I will be modifying one to meet my requirements (more photos to come).

Today, I picked up my Biketripping decals to go on the bike.  I will be adding them tonight and can’t wait to see how it looks and functions!

Oh! I am also, hopefully, getting to host a cyclist from  This will be my first time hosting.  Need to do some boat-keeping before he arrives.  If you are interested in hosting or being a part of the touring community, check out their website.

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