“I would like to, BUT”

A lot of people have seen my plans and have said, “I would LOVE to go with you, BUT…”  My job, my fitness, my back, my WIFE won’t allow me to go.  All perfectly good excuses, especially the wife.  As I said before, this is probably the worst shape I have ever been.  In fact, I should be riding at least 20 miles a day and 50 or 60 on the weekend to get ready, but life keeps getting in the way.  So, I understand.  I have a plan to get more time in the saddle next week, but that is for next week.

Life is never going to stop getting in the way, so I decided to go for it.  I am at a place where my only excuses are work and family.  I am single and my family is taking me leaving well.  I have been thinking and talking about this for years, so they had to have known it was coming.  My work has been surprisingly supportive.  In my interview for my job, I was asked what my 5 year plan was and my answer was, “to be living on a 36 ft boat in the Caribbean”.  At the time I was on a MacGregor 25 and am now on a Morgan 28.  At 3 ft a year, I should be in a 40 ft by then.

time money energy

When I was working in physical therapy about half of my patients were 60+ and most of them advised me to go on adventures, to make memories, and to wait to make a family and career.  All of the people my age ask me how I have time or money to do the things I do, and the answer is to make time and spend less.  “Live Small to Live Large


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