My Story

Since starting this blog I have come along way, literally! Last year I completed my first long tour of 2800 miles from Arkansas to Washington.  My goal was to reach the West Coast, and I did.  My goal was also to find a direction for my life, and I did.

I used the tour as an escape from reality.  What I learned along the way is that we make our own reality.  I met so many people last year.  Some were encouraging, some envious, some like-minded, and some screamed at me to get a job while trying to run me off the road.  The direction I found was that of an adventurer.

This site is dedicated to my pursuit of adventure.  I am not a fancy blogger or vlogger that can afford to travel full time because of sponsorship, ads, or a dedicated Patreon family.  I work to pay for my travel.

My Updated Goals:

  1. Buy a boat
  2. Live on boat
  3. Bike cross country
  4. Visit a foreign country each year
  5. Ride coast to coast
  6. Become a thru-hiker
  7. Float the Arkansas River
  8. Sail the Great Loop
  9. Sail around the Earth